Sydney Region Public Speaking



Our aim is to promote, support and develop the skills of public speaking in schools. It is an avenue to showcase the best of our Public Speakers in the Region.


We encourage all students and schools to participate in their networks.

"Students need to be taught how to talk and listen with different audiences and for different purposes. In all subjects, students will be required to compose and interpret a range of oral texts. The demands of talking and listening increase in complexity and sophistication as students move through school. Talking and listening are the foundations for Reading and Writing…."

(Focus on Literacy: T & L Chap 3 pg 25.2003)


Each network in the Sydney Region conducts a public speaking competition amongst the schools from Kindergarten to Year 6. The structure and organisation of the network competitions may vary slightly, however all networks conduct their finals in a standard manner.

Each network sends K-6 representatives to a Sydney Region Final held at a hosting school. Each network has a turn at hosting. The finals are in 4 sections _ ES1, S1, S2 and S3.


For further information contact the Network Coordinators -


Inner West Network - Paul Robinson (Canturbury South PS)

Georges River Network- Paul Robinson (Canturbury South PS)

Inner City/Network 8- Virginia Daley (Wilkins PS)

Port Hacking/Woronora River Networks- Vince Murphy (Engadine West PS)

Sydney East- Joanna French (Chifley PS)





Sydney Region Debating Competition


To cater for the needs of all schools in Sydney Region there are two regional debating competitions.

1.The Premier's Debating Challenge, using a ‘no assisted preparation' model. Information is available through the Performing Arts Unit website www.artsunit.nsw.edu.au


2.The Sydney Region Debating Competition where preparation is a component of the teaching and development of debating skills.

The second competition, the Sydney Region Debating Competition, has been created for schools who have felt that the limited preparation model of the Premier's Debating Competition does not provide enough opportunity to support their students in the development of their debating skills. Schools have used this competition to develop their student's debating skills and then progressed to the Premier's Debating Challenge in subsequent years.

Please read the following information carefully so that your students become involved in the competition that is right for them. Students who participate in the Premier's Debating Challenge are ineligible to compete in the Sydney Region Debating Competition.

We hope that your school will take the opportunity to become involved in what is an exciting area of the senior primary school curriculum.  If your school has not been involved in debating before - join the club. Many schools in the Sydney Region are not experienced in debating so the workshops, inservice and competitions are designed to be focussed on learning, for both teachers and students.



For further information contact:


Paul Robinson

Canterbury South Public School

Ph 9789 5255